Activity suggestions 

SKIP Waitakere encourages Parent Leaders to run activities that are low-hassle, low-cost and provide opportunities for parents to create connections and do fun things with their children.

To work best for parents in Waitakere, activities should: 

  • be small scale, easy to organise and regular
  • be local so transport is not an issue
  • be free or low-cost
  • engage new families and/or those in low income and poor transport areas

Remember, you can always ask the parents that attend your activities for ideas - it need not all be up to you. If you're looking for additional suggestions, try searching Pinterest. 

Playgroups / park activities 

  • Use existing park resources and play equipment
  • Tree planting
  • Nature play
  • Picnic / shared lunch
  • Theme (e.g. dress up)
  • For particular neighbourhood or street, or for particular group (eg. dads, young parents, new migrants
  • Baby disco
  • Visits to the library, attending activities the libraries provide: Wriggle and Rhyme, Storytime


  • One on one connections (e.g. “Adopt a New Parent”, “Adopt a Gran or Grandad”)
  • Visits to old folks homes
  • Connect older persons’ group with parents group
  • Retired persons walking group + prams
  • Create community 'recipe book'
  • Utilise or grow existing initiatives (e.g. Bellyful)
  • Older people teach parents and children a new skill e.g. cooking, playing guitar

Neighbours meet neighbours

  • Street parties / bbq
  • Learning to cook in a community kitchen
  • Community gardening
  • Local Facebook pages promoting activities
  • Community treasure hunt

Home-based activities 

  • Baking
  • Crafts (could use materials local businesses are willing to give away) 
  • Sheet-forts, make believe