We have activities happening in  Avondale, Henderson, Laingholm, Massey, Glen Eden, Swanson, Ranui, Te Atatu,  West Harbour and activities that change location around Waitākere. Check out all the meet-ups below and get in touch with the friendly Parent Leaders running them. 

Activities range from quiet catch-ups, crafts, walks and exercise sessions. 

Many Parent Leaders of activities have Facebook pages which are a great resources for connecting with other parents, keeping in touch, staying up to date with news on the activities, seeing and sharing helpful resources for parents.  

One participant of an activity writes:
I joined the group and received a lot of support and understanding, without any judgement! I was able to share my story and also listen to the other mum’s stories. Also to feel part of the community gives a lot of support and I felt held in that, without any expectations. With that honest sharing - we developed a sense of trust and friendship even.


Avondale Hikoi Express

What:  Weekly walks for parents of under-fives around Heron park and coffee at Helen's house (if you're interested, you can just do the walk!). Parents, babies and dogs welcome. 
When:   Monday mornings 10am -12pm   
Where:  Playground at Heron Park, Waterview
Organiser:  Helen Rose
Contact:  09 2146165

Avondale Dads

What:  A space for Dads to share their experiences of parenting under 5's. 
When:   Sunday afternoon 3pm-4pm   
Where:  Beatrix Road, Avondale
Organiser:  Conrad Hill
Contact:  0212521217



Wonder Mums Support Group

When:  Monday 9.30am - 10.30am
What: Weekly mums meet up - meet new people, make new friends, get out of the house, pram patrol walks.
Where: Meeting points will be confirmed weekly
Parent Leader:  Bex
Contact: 0211797717

Mums chat!

When:  Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm (May be longer)
What: Weekly mums meet up - meet new people, and chat in a safe and welcoming environment
Where: My house! (Get in contact with me for details)
Parent Leader:  Shona Tomms
Contact: ShonaT19@gmail.com

Parents and Children Meet up Adventure Group

When:  Monday 12pm-1pm
What: A weekly meetup to have company and support from other parents of children under five
Where: Venue to be decided weekly
Parent Leader:  Amanda Beresford
Contact: amandawrightson80@yahoo.co.nz

Henderson Whanāu

When:  Saturday 12-1.30pm
What: Come along and meet other parents from our area. Coffee + tea is provided. Talk, share ideas around whanay focussed topics - kai, kids, tips and tricks
Where: MPHS Hub West - Rua Room
Parent Leader:  Kelly Brown
Contact: kelly.brown01@outlook.com

Glen Eden

The CRAFTY Mamas

When: 10am - 11am every Tuesday
What: Bring your crafts and have a cuppa and a conversation! Bring a treat if you'd like to, no pressure if you don't. We have some spares knitting needles and crochet hooks if you would like to give it a go.
Where: Ronni's house in Glen Eden - contact her for details
Parent Leader: Ronni Painter
Contact: The CRAFTY Mamas, ronni.painter@gmail.com or 0226854622

Glen Eden Mum's Social Group

When: Thursdays 1:00pm
What: Coffee/Playgroup
Where:  Tahlia's house in Glen Eden - contact her for details
Organiser: Tahlia Griggs
Contact: 021 0292 5758 or

Mamas and Babes

When: 10am - 11am every Thursday
What: Come and hang at the local Glen Eden Library- its nice and warm during the winter months, with lots for our kids to do. If nice we can head to grab a coffee.
Where: Glen Eden Library
Parent Leader: Tyla Jones
Contact: 0221375622

The Mum's Hang Out!

When: 1:30-3:30pm Monday afternoons
What: Sometimes Mondays aren't the most productive days, so I take my kids to Parrs Park to run around. Come and join us!
Where: Parrs Park playground
Parent Leader: Lucy Hendo
Contact: 09-837 5014

Dad's Space

When: 1:30-3:30pm Monday afternoons
What: Glen Eden Dads need time too. Even if youve got your young one bring them along. Just a few Dads coming together.
Where: Glen Eden Library - flexible
Parent Leader: Johno Keen
Contact: 021 165 236




Laingholm Beach gathering (inside when bad weather) 

When: 10am - 11:30am every Tuesday
What: A social space to create connections for local parents with children from birth to five years old. An inclusive group that is geared towards those from Laingholm, Parau, Cornwallis, Huia, Woodlands Park and Titirangi but we will welcome any new parent no matter where they live.
Where: Laingholm beach under a shady tree
Parent Leader: Bella Munro
Contact: The Laingholm Connection or 021 02597993

Playground meet-up (inside when bad weather) 

When: 1pm - 2:30pm every Thursday
What: Community based positive parenting meet-ups - all welcome
Where: Laingholm beach
Parent Leader: Crystal Gordon
Contact: The Laingholm Connection 

Laingholm Positive Parenting meet-up

When: 1pm - 2:30pm every Thursday
What: Community based positive parenting meet-ups - all welcome
Where: Laingholm beach
Parent Leader: Crystal Gordon
Contact: The Laingholm Connection 

Jandal Camp

When: 11-12pm Tuesdays & Fridays
What: Bootcamp! Time together to get that body moving- for all parents around the Laingholm, Parau, Cornwallis, Huia area
Where: Armour Bay
Parent Leader: Tymanda Cox
Contact: The Laingholm Jandal Camp


Pasifika Parent Meet-ups

When: Sunday
What: Sharing time together with our children, activities change monthly depending on the season. 
Where: Massey
Parent Leader: Jenny Tauti-Sefo
Contact: 022 367 5098 or email jennytauti397@yahoo.com
Facebook page: Ohana: SKIP Parents Meet Ups


Mums Run

When: 10am Fridays
What: Local walks, talks and sharing laughs. Activities, exercise, dancing, Zumba...
Where: Ranui. During winter months we will be using a local inside venue.
Parent Leader: Corrin Philipp
Contact: Mums Run Facebook group

Ripples R Us

When: 10am-2pm Tuesdays
What: Community based positive parenting meet-ups. All about motivating mothers, because sharing is caring.
Where: Ranui
Parent Leader: Char Tukariri
Contact: (09) 832 9776  or  021 02 9191 48

Neighbours Supporting Neighbours

When: Thursday 2-3pm
What: Connecting parents to local parenting and community resources though informal meet-ups. Focus on grandparents raising grandkids and families new to our area. Aims to build more supportive relationships between neighbours in what is often thought of as a unsafe street.
Where: Ranui Library
Parent Leader: Asheligh- Jade Shen
Contact: Ash-Jade@gmail.com

Ranui Mums Out and About

When: Thursday 2-3pm
What: A fun filled group where we will meet up at different local parks each week to let our children have a run about while creating life long friendships.
Where: Please check the Ranui mums Facebook page each week to see where we will be or contact Sarah on the number below for more information.
Parent Leader: Sarah Thomas
Contact: 021 025 26572 or Ranui Mums Facebook Group

Te Atatu

Parents United

When: Monday at 10am at Te Atatu Peninsula library for Wriggle & Rhyme followed by Coffee group at around 10:45am at Delicious Food Store
What: A place for all parents of all types to meet and talk.
Where: Te Atatu Peninsula library followed by  the Delicious Food Store
Parent Leader: Rachel Grove
Contact:  Parents United on Facebook

New Life Parents Group

When:  Keep in touch with my facebook page  (May be longer)
What:  A place to come in the community where parents support other parents area, to make friends and have fun. Creating life long memories together.
Where: Venue to be decided weekly, regular meet ups in Glen Eden Town Centre
Parent Leader:  Kimberley Manning
Contact: amandawrightson80@yahoo.co.nz Facebook: New Life Parents Group




Women about Swanson

When: Mondays or Wednesday afternoons
What: A support group for parents living in Swanson includes park visits, coffee at my house and neighbourhood outings. Aims to provide a place for parents to go and get out of the house while making new connections
Where: Meet at my house - Contact for details
Parent Leader: Sheena Graham
Contact: 0210597164



Tititrangi Parents Group

When: Mondays or Wednesday afternoons
What: Weekly support groups that move around different parents homes or around Titirangi if the weather is fine. Aims to encourages parents ti know that it is good for them to be doing things for themsleves
Where: Meet at Iti in Titirangi
Parent Leader: Lorraine Torrance
Contact: 0210597165

West Harbour


Mums and bubs

When: Wednesdays
What: Catch up for mum and bubs - bringing parents together for positive parenting and a friendly, non-judgmental meet-up. Ongoing support to help our children grow up healthy and happy. 
Where: Nicola's home in West Harbour or at park
Parent Leader: Nicola Lowe
Contact: 022 176 2284

In different locations

Coffee and Play WEST

When: Thursdays
What: We will aim to meet up at child-friendly cafes around the New Lynn/Kelston/Glen Eden/Henderson etc areas and will be *hopefully* blogging the results to create a database of child-friendly places in Central West Auckland.
We will hold a monthly competition too :)
Where: Child-friendly cafes around Central West Auckland
Parent Leader: Christina Kalati
Contact: Coffee and Play WEST Facebook Group

Just a Parent Get Together

When: Every Monday 10am at Corbans Estate
What: Parents come together in either Glen Eden or New Lynn weekly. We like to change it up so if you're keen to hang out with other parents make contact and see where we are for the week
Where: Contact Tonya to confirm or check out Facebook page for regular updates
Parent Leader: Tonya Worder
Contact: Tonyawandfams@gmail.com

Out and About

When: Every Monday 10am at Corbans Estate
What: Weekly parent/whānau meet ups at different locations in the community.
Where: Check the Facebook page or contact Nikita to confirm.
Parent Leader: Nikita Weir
Contact: 021 0256 4049  or  nikita.weir@gmail.com  or  Out and About Facebook Page